yote project

The yote Project is a suite of components that link together and can be used for the rapid development of applications and web applications. The yote project is designed with simplcity of API and configuration in mind.

yote objects

Yote objects are containers that can store text, numbers, other yote objects, hashes and arrays as fields. They are connected in a directed graph that starts with a root node. The object fields that are references are loaded as needed, so the entire graph is not loaded in memory at once. An object provider stores and loads objects from the persistance engine automatically.


	Yote::ObjProvider::init( { store => "/path/to/data/directory" } );

        my $root_node = Yote::Root::fetch_root;

persistance engine

The yote persistance engine, written in perl, is a federation of fixed record data stores. It uses perl pack templates to store and retrieve data. It supports only a single, serialized index per store.

javascript bindings for yote objects

yote and web server

templating system